Andhra Youth ‘Wears’ Snake Around His Neck for a Selfie, Gets Death Sentence

The craze for a selfie with a snake claimed the life of a youth in Andhra Pradesh.

The incident occurred in Kandukur town of Pottisriramulu Nellore district. Manikantha Reddy, who runs a juice shop in the town, tried to take a selfie with a snake but lost his life to the snake’s bite.

When a snake charmer was playing with a snake near the RTC depot in the town, Reddy went there. He took the snake from snake charmer and wore it around his neck to take a selfie. When he was taking the snake off his body, it bit him.

Locals tried to rush him to RIMS Hospital in Ongole but he succumbed on the way. Police registered a case and took up an investigation.

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