Bentley pours £2.5 Billion to Shift in EVs

A Bentley motor

Bentley motors intend to invest $3.4 billion to accelerate its electric vehicle development plan. The luxury car brand is doing this since its competitors have also gone into electric motors.

They expect the first full-electric model to be in 2025. They also intend to have all of their models be electric by 2030. The company says that it is doing away with fuel-powered motors.

The company will use the 2.5 billion pounds to oversee their first step of going electric. They will start up the plant in Crewe, south of Manchester. The plant will employ 4000 people.

Bentley will give up their powerful 12-cylinder gasoline engines, which they are famously known for. As a result of producing environment-friendly vehicles.

The company says that it will be an expensive and delicate move because luxury car brands like Ferrari NV and Bentley are delicate. They need to maintain their brand identity as they shift from fuel-powered engines to electric-powered ones.

It is the reason why they have allocated a lot of time to developing the electric model. The process from design to the final product will also require the dedication of experts. Volkswagen owns Bentley. They have already made hybrid vehicles from their flying spur sedan and Bentyaga SUV.

According to the chairman of the company, they aim to become the benchmark for luxury cars, sustainable cars, and the whole scope of their operation. After making all their models in the lineup electric, they intend to expand even more.

Other luxury and sport car companies have also moved to invest in hybrid vehicles. Lamborghini has set aside 1.5 billion Euros to shift to electric-powered vehicles.

Luxury car lovers have been impressed by the recent move of such car brands to go into hybrid cars entirely. They will make a lot from the electric vehicles, as seen in Tesla. The company made a fortune from its electric model like the cyber truck.


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