A guy lost almost $730,173 USD after investing in Alibaba Stock

alibaba loss

Alibaba Stock Loss

After the whole drama from DIDI Chinese ride sharing app’s ipo, Alibaba found itself in a hefty situation in 2021. Losing 50% from it’s all time high Alibaba is being sold off massively by investors. The future of Alibaba is pretty much unknown.

A reddit user named u/Separate_Eye6442 has shared his investment in Alibaba. Losing 730,173.05 or (30%) of this entire portfolio.

Other reddit users commented he doesnt feel as bad after seeing his loss.

A great number of Reddit users are still optimistic about Alibaba. Saying the stock may return to an all-time high as its fundamentals and the demand for Chinese goods hasn’t changed.

Despite the social responsibility agenda the Chinese communist party is introducing Alibaba crushed single’s day sales by 50 Billion USD.

“This 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, we delivered steady and quality growth that is a reflection of the dynamic Chinese consumption economy,” Yang Guang, vice president at Alibaba, said in a press release.



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