Lucid stock price fell down by 4$ from 55$ to 51$ when the market closed on 22nd.

Today’s Lucid stock volume is at 164 million compared to the average volume of 61 million. Couple of weeks ago the average volume on a given day was about 26 million and now it is at 61 million. The average volume has more than doubled in the last few weeks.

Investors showing a lot of positive sentiment for Lucid motors, as last week all three EV companies Lucid, Tesla and Rivian were among the most traded companies on fidelity platform. It clearly reflects the positive sentiment of investors for electric vehicle companies in general. 

The stock has the potential to rise as their flagship model ‘Lucid Air’ takes over ‘Tesla model S’ as the longest range electric car.

Lucid Stock Price
Lucid Stock Price

Talking about the news that can potentially act as a positive catalyst for lucid motors in the near future. 

  • Big Push from US Government for EV’s

Recently the bipartisan infrastructure investment and jobs made it clear that they are planning to jump start the projects related with building national network of EV chargers. This can be seen as one of the biggest pushes by US government towards the EV’s. Click ‘here‘ to read more about it.

OpinionEarlier this week, Lucid stock price had a massive rise after Lucid Air received the ‘Car of the year award’ from Motor Trend Magazine. This must benefit the companies stock price in the near future. 

Opinion – Earlier this week the Lucid stock price reached its highest price of 55.21$. This can be seen as a minor downturn after which the stock prices may show potential rise. Click ‘here’ to read a detailed analysis of Lucid stock price and ideal time for investing in it. 

Opinion – Lucid stock price reached its all time high at 55$ yesterday that made a lot of investors sell their positions. This is understandable, as investors seek best returns on their investments. But electric vehicle companies like Lucid are here to stay, with a long term vision. They can be a great investment opportunity with high returns in near future. 

Written by Angela Vera

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