SIGA Stock is down 16.56% : Monkeypox is not a global emergency (WHO)

SIGA Stock news

The world health organization (WHO) has decided not to declare monkeypox as a global health emergency of the public concern.

Although WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “He is deeply concerned” about the evolving threat of the monkeypox. It’s noted that monkeypox has reached more than 50 countries.

siga stock

After the new Siga technologies SIGA stock has plummeted to 16.56% 

SIGA was seen trading higher last week. A whopping jump from $6 to $14 in two weeks spans. SIGA was developing anti-virals for smallpox which also works against monkeypox as research showed.

SIGA stock has risen after it announced $13 Million worth of orders against the smallpox drugs.

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