Telecom Italia Stock (TIAOF) UP 65%

Telecom Italia Stock (TIAOF) UP 65%

  • After a steady fall for almost a year, Telecom Italia stock price shot up by 65% after KKR & Co. an American investment company bought it for $12 billion and took it private.

KKR & CO. is a global investment company that has invested in more than 280 private equity companies. Total valuation of all these portfolio companies is $545 billion. 

  • This move by KKR & Co. has created a lot of positive sentiment for Telecom Italia stocks. And this move by a well renowned investment group has brought Telecom Italia stocks in the spotlight. 

On 23rd it topped the list of gainers with a jump of 65% in its stock price. Unfortunately, a private company can no longer sell its shares to the public. It can only offer the shares to existing shareholders, professional investors or companies. 

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Opinion – KKR & Co. has a remarkable portfolio that represents that they have built successful businesses out of failing companies. The group must have a long term vision for Telecom Italia. It would be a great opportunity for the KKR & Co. group to enter into the Italian telecom industry. 

Opinion – After going through a massive reorganisation of business model, their is a potential of Telecom Italia going public again in near future.

Written by Angela Vera

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