Snapchat + Amazon = Shopaholic’s Dream Come True announced on Monday that it is enabling Snapchat users in the United States to make direct purchases within the app, a strategic move by the e-commerce giant to leverage the increasing trend of social media as a shopping platform. As social networks continue to shape consumer shopping habits, various platforms, including TikTok, are venturing … Read more

Amazon’s AI Ambitions Soar With “Olympus”: Can The Tech Giant Catch Up To OpenAI And Google?


In the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence, Amazon is making a bold move to ascend to the summit of AI supremacy with its latest creation, “Olympus,” a large language model poised to challenge the dominance of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. With a colossal two trillion parameters, “Olympus” could potentially become one of the largest … Read more

Amazon’s Stunning Earnings Report Sparks Nasdaq’s Dramatic COMEBACK – What’s Next For the Stock Market?


In a dramatic turn of events, the Nasdaq Composite fought to regain its footing on Friday, attempting to recover from the steep losses it experienced earlier in the week. The driving force behind this resurgence was none other than tech giant Amazon, whose stellar third-quarter results sent shockwaves through the stock market. The tech-heavy Nasdaq … Read more

Game-Changer ALERT!: Amazon Set To Revolutionize South African E-Commerce In 2024


In an exciting turn of events, e-commerce giant Amazon has officially announced its plan to launch in 2024, paving the way for South African-based sellers to reach a wider customer base across the nation starting next year. With more than 60% of Amazon’s sales coming from independent sellers, this move promises to usher in … Read more

How Nvidia Crushes Amazon, Google, and Microsoft On This Vital Investing Metric!


In 2023, the artificial intelligence (AI) boom has been nothing short of a gold rush for tech companies, with Nvidia emerging as the undisputed champion. With its shares surging over 200% year-to-date, Nvidia has outshone even the tech giants Amazon, Alphabet (Google’s parent company), and Microsoft, whose stocks have also seen significant gains. While stock … Read more