CPI report to be published on Wednesday morning. Wallstreet expects little to No progress against inflation

A big report from the Labor Department is coming out soon, and it’s expected to show that inflation—the rising prices of goods and services—isn’t slowing down much. This news isn’t great for regular folks, investors, or even the government, because they all want to see prices rise more slowly. If prices aren’t going down, it … Read more

“India Out” movement in Bangladesh is threatning $15 billion trade relation

In recent years, the relationship between Bangladesh and India has been one of intertwined economic interests and diplomatic ties. However, the emergence of the “India out” campaign in Bangladesh threatens to disrupt this delicate balance, potentially leading to adverse effects on trade and business between the two nations. This article delves into the intricacies of … Read more

Why the price of your kitkat and choclates about to go up!

The global cocoa market is experiencing unprecedented price hikes, doubling since the beginning of the year. While chocolate lovers might anticipate soaring prices, the reality is more complex, with significant implications for cocoa farmers. In a surprising turn of events, cocoa prices have surged to extraordinary heights since the start of 2024, reaching unprecedented levels. … Read more

Largest Drop in stock market in 24 weeks!

Stocks experienced a downturn on Thursday amidst growing concerns that the uncertain trajectory of inflation could delay potential interest rate cuts, casting a shadow over the market sentiment. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) declined by approximately 0.7%, accompanied by a 0.4% drop in the S&P 500 (^GSPC) and a 0.2% slip in the tech-heavy … Read more

Next Market Crash: China’s holdings of U.S treasury

In recent months, China’s accelerated reduction of its holdings in U.S. Treasurys has raised eyebrows and ignited speculations about potential repercussions for the U.S. economy, with some analysts expressing concerns about the possible impact on the stock market. As of August, China’s stockpile of U.S. government debt reached its lowest level in 14 years, marking … Read more

Micheal Burry’s in deep loss after market’s U turn

Michael Burry’s notable bearish bet against the stock market, which first made headlines in August, has been a rollercoaster for investors. At the beginning, his position was met with skepticism during the AI-driven summer market rally. However, it gained credibility as the S&P 500 experienced a sharp decline in late October. Recent developments, particularly the … Read more

Housing Market In CRISIS! Federal Reserve’s SHOCKING Move Sparks 1980s Deja Vu! Is A RECESSION Looming In 2023?

Housing Market

The Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest-rate hikes are sending shockwaves through the housing market, raising concerns of a potential recession reminiscent of the 1980s. In a recent warning, Wells Fargo has highlighted the risks associated with the central bank’s commitment to keeping borrowing costs elevated until at least 2024 as part of its strategy to combat … Read more

WARNING: 10-Year Treasury Yield Tops 5% – Brace For Impact On Mortgage Rates And More!

In a shocking turn of events, the 10-year Treasury yield surged past the critical 5% mark on Monday, sending shockwaves through various financial sectors and leaving consumers anxious about the implications. This milestone, not seen in over 16 years, has raised concerns about its potential impact on mortgage rates, student loans, auto loans, and more. … Read more

Shocking Inflation SURGE In September – Are High Interest Rates Inevitable?


Wholesale Inflation: In a startling turn of events, September brought an unexpected spike in wholesale prices, signaling potential trouble ahead for the U.S. economy. Wholesale Inflation rose 0.5% in September The Producer Price Index (PPI), a key indicator of inflationary pressures, rose by 0.5% during the month, surpassing the Dow Jones estimate of 0.3%. While … Read more

SHOCKING! September Jobs Report Revealed – Is The US Economy Doomed?

SHOCKING! September Jobs Report Revealed - Is The US Economy Doomed?

The anticipation is high as the Bureau of Labor Statistics is set to release the September jobs report on Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. ET. Analysts are expecting the report to reveal a continued slowdown in job growth in the United States. In August, the US economy added 187,000 jobs, but unemployment jumped to 3.8%. … Read more