Intel (INTC) SHATTERS Expectations With 7% After-Hours Surge! How Did They Do It?


Intel, the renowned tech giant, has sent shockwaves through the stock market by delivering impressive third-quarter earnings that exceeded all expectations. This unexpected victory comes in the face of declining revenue, demonstrating Intel’s resilience and adaptability. In after-hours trading, Intel shares soared by an astounding 7%, leaving investors and analysts pleasantly surprised. So, what’s behind … Read more

The Battle For AI Supremacy: Can Nvidia’s Moat Hold Against AMD, Intel, And FAANG?


In the fast-paced world of technology investing, few companies have generated as much excitement and scrutiny as Nvidia. The company’s recent surge in growth and impressive profit margins have investors both thrilled and anxious, all while they contemplate whether Nvidia’s dominant position in artificial intelligence (AI) is sustainable. The future trajectory of Nvidia’s stock hinges … Read more