A Reddit User Makes META $121k Gain With +211% ROI


In the world of investing and stock trading, success stories often revolve around Wall Street giants and seasoned professionals. However, the democratization of financial markets and the rise of social media have given individual investors a platform to share their remarkable experiences. Recently, a Reddit user, u/panacizma, has become the center of attention due to … Read more

Meta’s Q3 2023 Earnings Report: 23% Revenue Surge, $11.58 Billion Net Income And More


In a financial world that’s perpetually evolving, Meta Platforms Inc. has once again taken the stage with its latest earnings report for Q3 2023. The tech giant, listed on NASDAQ as META, has left investors and analysts awe-struck with its astronomical performance, featuring a 23% YoY increase in revenue, soaring net income by a staggering … Read more