Top 5 AI crypto coin by market cap

The landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is swiftly reshaping our digital interactions and work processes. Among the standout advancements in this domain is ChatGPT, an innovation by OpenAI, engineered to simulate human-like text generation while efficiently handling tasks such as information processing and query responses. Moreover, the influence of AI extends into the realm of cryptocurrencies.

AI coins represent a category of crypto assets leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance user experiences, scalability, and security within blockchain networks. These coins actively support AI-driven projects, spanning decentralized marketplaces, market predictions, and portfolio management. Additionally, AI-powered tokens confer governance rights, streamlining transactions within their ecosystems. AI technology can be deployed for detecting illicit activities, analyzing market trends, identifying investment opportunities, and serving various other applications, showcasing immense potential within the crypto space.

Here’s a glimpse into some noteworthy AI crypto coins currently making waves in the market:

Snapshot of Trending AI Crypto Coins:

Coin Name Current Price Market Capitalization 24-hour Volume
Internet Computer $12.95 $5.94 Billion $322.97 Million
Near Protocol $3.91 $4.07 Billion $504.69 Million
Injective $42.22 $3.95 Billion $580.97 Million
Render $7.90 $2.95 Billion $484 Million
Graph GRT $0.284 $2.66 Billion $355.79 Million

Notable AI Crypto Coins:

Internet Computer (ICP):

Internet Computer (ICP) protocol empowers limitless smart contracts hosting data, computing, user experiences, and content on-chain. It facilitates the construction of tamper-proof Web 3 social media, enterprise infrastructure, gaming, and virtual reality, emphasizing scalability, utility, and environmental sustainability.

  • Native Token: ICP
  • Trading Value: $12.95
  • Market Capitalization: $5.94 Billion

Near Protocol (NEAR):

Near Protocol incentivizes a network of computers to operate a platform for developers to create and launch decentralized applications. Utilizing sharding for efficiency, NEAR operates similarly to cloud services, yet is maintained by a distributed network of computers.

  • Native Token: NEAR
  • Trading Value: $3.91
  • Market Capitalization: $4.07 Billion


Injective Protocol (INJ) facilitates seamless and secure decentralized trading of various assets. Featuring a decentralized order book and a unique layer-2 protocol, Injective pioneers decentralized derivatives trading, aiming to revolutionize finance through innovation and decentralization.

  • Native Token: INJ
  • Trading Value: $42.22
  • Market Capitalization: $3.95 Billion


Render is an Ethereum blockchain-based distributed GPU network, providing essential infrastructure for animation, VFX rendering, and motion graphics. Its native token, RNDR, enables creators to access vast GPU power for generating high-quality content efficiently.

  • Native Token: RNDR
  • Trading Value: $7.90
  • Market Capitalization: $2.95 Billion

Graph GRT:

The Graph is a decentralized protocol utilizing distributed ledger technology to index and organize data efficiently, akin to how Google indexes the web. Leveraging subgraphs, it simplifies data retrieval from blockchain, with GRT tokens used to allocate resources within the network.

  • Native Token: GRT
  • Trading Value: $0.284
  • Market Capitalization: $2.66 Billion

These projects exemplify the fusion of blockchain and AI, offering innovative solutions to various challenges in the digital sphere. As AI and blockchain continue to advance, these tokens hold promise in shaping the future digital landscape. However, investors should conduct thorough research before engaging in crypto investments.

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