Why is PYPD stock up today?

PYPD Stock up for Their D-PLEX100 Medicine Test Pass

PYPD Stock Update: On September 19, 2023, PolyPid Ltd. made a big achievement with D-PLEX100, which is a special medicine. They completed three important tests and started another test to make sure the medicine stays good. This is a crucial step before they can ask for permission to sell D-PLEX100.

D-PLEX100 is a unique medicine that fights infections. It’s used on wounds under the skin after surgery to stop infections from happening.

The FDA, which approves medicines, thinks D-PLEX100 is very good at preventing infections during a certain type of surgery. They’re making it easier and faster for D-PLEX100 to get approved.

Preventing Infection success increase PYPD stock

PolyPid showed the FDA the latest results from a study. This study looked at how well D-PLEX100 works in preventing infections after a certain kind of surgery. The results showed that it does a good job at stopping infections, both on the surface and deep inside the body.

Even though one big study didn’t show exactly what they hoped for, PolyPid is still hopeful about D-PLEX100. The successful tests and the good results from the other study suggest that D-PLEX100 can still help stop infections after surgery.

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