Insider Trading: Former Goldman Sachs And Blackstone Employee Faces SEC Charges

Insider Trading: In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through Wall Street, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed criminal charges against a former employee of two major financial institutions, Goldman Sachs and Blackstone.

The charges stem from allegations of insider trading, where 26-year-old Anthony Viggiano is accused of passing confidential information to friends who profited from illegal securities trading.

This case sheds light on the lengths individuals will go to for financial gain and highlights the unwavering commitment of regulatory bodies like the SEC to uphold the integrity of financial markets.

Insider Trading: The Allegations

The U.S. Justice Department and the SEC jointly accused Anthony Viggiano of orchestrating a securities fraud scheme that reaped illicit gains exceeding $400,000.

According to prosecutors, Viggiano allegedly provided nonpublic information on more than half a dozen upcoming deals to two of his friends while employed at Goldman Sachs and Blackstone.

The Modus Operandi

What makes this case particularly intriguing is the method through which Viggiano is said to have shared insider tips with his friends.

The complaint alleges that he used encrypted messaging apps, specifically Signal, and even Xbox Chat to disseminate the confidential information.

This level of sophistication in evading detection highlights the lengths to which some individuals will go to protect their illegal activities.

Viggiano’s friends, armed with these insider tips, proceeded to execute trades on the information and subsequently split the profits with the former analyst.

One of his associates reportedly made a staggering $322,000 from these insider tips and paid Viggiano $35,000 in cash as part of their arrangement.

The Downfall

Despite Viggiano’s efforts to cover his tracks, authorities managed to uncover extensive communications that revealed the coordination of these illicit trades.

This discovery played a crucial role in the SEC’s case against him.

The SEC complaint even provides detailed accounts of specific trades executed by Viggiano’s associates, based on insider information related to deals involving companies such as American International Group, Harmony Biosciences Holdings, and CDK Global.

Seeking Justice

The SEC’s actions in this case reflect their unyielding commitment to maintaining the integrity of the financial markets.

Not only are they seeking to hold Viggiano accountable for his alleged actions, but they are also pursuing disgorgement of all profits generated from this purported scheme.

This not only serves as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers but also underscores the importance of transparency and fairness in the world of finance.


The case of Anthony Viggiano serves as a stark reminder that financial regulators are vigilant in their pursuit of insider trading and other illegal activities within the industry.

The allegations against Viggiano highlight the importance of ethical conduct and compliance with securities laws to maintain trust and confidence in financial markets.

As this case unfolds, it will be closely watched not only by those within the industry but by anyone concerned with the integrity of our financial system.

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